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Terms & Conditions | 特定商取引法に基づく表示

販売業社の名称 | Business name:住岡 真理子   Mariko Sumioka

所在地事業所の住所 | Address:請求があったら遅滞なく開示します。Disclosed when it is requested.


電話番号 | Phone number:請求があったら遅滞なく開示します。受付時間 日本時間10:00-18:00(土日祝を除く)

Disclosed when it is requested.

メールアドレス |


運営統括責任者 | Chief Administrative Officer:住岡 真理子   Mariko Sumioka


追加手数料等の追加料金 | Fees:配送料(国内一律800円/箱)。クレジットカード決済、銀行振込、PayPalにかかる決済手数料はお客様負担になります。

Fees : Shipping fee for Japan 5 USD, Asia: 15 USD and rest of the world 25 USD. The fee incurred for any payments will be at the buyer's expense.



The items are no refundable. Please contact us via Contact form if you wish discuss a return of the item. Postage will be refunded only if the item is faulty or if any error is made on my part of the order.​

引渡時期 | Delivery & Shipping:注文は 3~5 営業日以内に処理され、商品は 14 日以内に到着します。海外の場合は1〜2週間ほどかかります。

 The items will be shipped via Japan Post, EMS (Express Mail Service). They will be passed onto your countries' international postal service. It takes approximately 1-2 weeks. For Japan, the item will be delivered by Kuroneko Yamato and take 3-5 days.

受け付け可能な決済手段 | Payment:クレジットカード、PayPa;または銀行振込

All payments are made through Paypal or Stripe and can be made using all major credit cards. If you would rather pay by bank transfer (multi currency available), please place your order by email


決済期間 | Payment due:クレジットカード、PayPal決済の場合はただちに処理されますが、銀行振込の場合は注文から


You can pay by credit card and PayPal immediately on our website. For bank transfer, please make a payment within 14 days of of your order.

販売価格 | Price:各商品ページに記載の金額に日本国内の場合には消費税が加算されます。

​The price is shown on the 'Shop' page and Tax will be added for orders from Japan. 

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